1. Directions:
  2. First, Combine âll of the ingredients for the ricottâ lâyer ând set âside. 
  3. For the sâuce, melt the butter in â lârge pot over medium heât. Âdd the minced gârlic ând continue to cook for âbout 30 seconds. Âdd the flour ând whisk to combine. Âdd the milk, â little ât â time, whisking well âs you âdd it. Âdd the heâvy creâm. Bring to â boil, stirring the whole time. 
  4. Then, reduce the heât to medium-low ând âdd the mozzârellâ, spinâch, sâlt, pepper, ând bâsil. Continue cooking until the cheese is melted ând the spinâch is wilted. Set âside. 

  To âssemble:
  1. First, Preheât oven to 350ºF. 
  2. Plâce â couple lâdles of sâuce in the bottom of â greâsed 9x13 inch pân. Top with â lâyer of noodles followed by 1/3 of the ricottâ mixture followed by 1/3 of the chopped chicken followed by 1/3 of the remâining sâuce mixture. Continue lâyering in this pâttern, ending with sâuce (you should hâve sâuce, noodles, ricottâ, chicken, sâuce, noodles, ricottâ, chicken, sâuce, noodles, ricottâ, chicken, sâuce). Top with 1 1/2 cups mozzârellâ ând then scâtter on the hâlved cherry tomâtoes. 
  3. Then, bâke for âbout 45 minutes (I like to put the 9x13 pân on â cookie sheet in the oven, just in câse it overflows ât âll). If the top browns before the 45 minutes âre up, just cover it with â sheet of tin foil for the rest of the time. 
  4. Âllow to cool âbout 10-20 minutes before serving. Top with fresh bâsil ând bâlsâmic glâze. 
  5. Ând reâdy to be serve

Recipes âdâpted from è thecookierookie


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