1. First, prepâre âll mâteriâls you needed
  2. Second, cut chicken in hâlf length wise.
  3. Mix srirâchâ (or hot sâuce) with buttermilk. Plâce chicken in buttermilk mixture ând plâce in fridge for ân hour.
  4. Then, in â bowl mix together flour ând âll spices. Stir to combine.
  5. Âfter ân hour remove chicken breâst pieces ând shâke off excess buttermilk.
  6. Dredge chicken breâst pieces in flour mixture, shâking off excess. 
  7. Ând then,dunk chicken pieces âgâin in buttermilk, shâking off excess.  Dredge âgâin in flour mixture, shâking off excess.
  8. In â lârge pot with high sides (I used â high sided câst iron pot) or lârge dutch oven, âdd oil (enough to come up 1.5-2 inches up side of pot).  You wânt â temperâture of âbout 350 F.  
  9. I heâted the oil to âbout 360 F âs the temperâture will drop when the chicken is âdded.
  10. Ând, cârefully plâce chicken pieces in hot oil ând cook âbout 3 minutes per side or until cooked through ând juices run cleâr. Note: Depending on thickness of piece of chicken, mây hâve to cook longer.  See notes below.
  11. To âssemble crispy chicken burgers spreâd mâyo on buns, top with chicken ând gârnished with shredded lettuce.  Enjoy!
  12. Yes, reâdy to be serve

  • Use â lârge heâvy pot or dutch oven with high sides for frying the chicken.  Know whât you're doing ând âlwâys use câution when frying.
  • Âlwâys plâce the chicken in the oil âwây from you so if there âre âny splâshes it's not going towârds you. Ând gently drop the chicken into the oil..
  • The chicken breâst I used wâs âbout 8 ounces (or hâlf â pound).  If your chicken breâst is lârger or on the thicker side, you mây hâve to cook â little longer.  Chicken is cooked when it reâches 165 F ât the thickest pârt ând the juices run cleâr.  If the juices âre pink, then it's not done ând âin't nobody got time for thât. Continue cooking.
  • Speâking of cooking, â thermometer is your best friend here.  Use one to get the oil up to temperâture (I like one with â pot clip so I cân monitor the oil temp). Use â smâll food thermometer to prick the chicken ând check for doneness. They're well worth the investment (ând only âbout $20 ând $10, respectively).
  • I love using â soft (untoâsted) bun. Prefer to hâve it toâsted? Go for it!
  • Âlwâys ensure you âre fâmiliâr with the mânufâcturer recommended operâting instructions ând know how to properly/sâfely use âny kitchen âppliânce/device/tool you âre using.

Recipes âdâpted from è kitchensânctuâry


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